Thursday, December 19, 2013

All Quarter Century Team

First Team:
SP:  Sammy Franco, Polin Prieto, Juan Aramboles, Sammy Hocking
RP:  Edgar Alfonseca
C: Rock Moore
1B: Yeico Torres
2B: RJ. Shirley
3B: Aaron Ramsey
SS: Dan Minor
LF:  Mike Newfield
CF: Lonnie Lo Duca
RF: Dennis Pratt
DH: Matty Nunez

Second Team:
SP:  Turner Cambridge, Jolbert Castillo, John Tanaka, Luis Tarasco, Carlos Javier
RP: Bud Rodgers
C: Felix Crosby
1B: Rabbit Lilly
2B: Darwin Francis
3B: Charles Perry
SS: Roberto Beltre
LF: Endy Ramsey
CF: Matt Michaels
RF: Jose Rios
DH: Nick Jackson

Honorable Mention:
SP: Footsie Sanders, Albie Guerrero, Steve Daly, C.C. Halter, Bryan Webster, Charlie Kelly, Ramiro Otanez, Peter Andrews, Al Alvarez, Rico Perez, Louie Musial, Bubba Seaver, Buck Killebrew
RP: Norm Cox, Ernie Morgan, Al Gonzalez, Dan Reese, Gerald Kell, Don Aldridge, Gabby Williamson, Ted Coleman, Seth Sheehan
C: Santos Mercedes, Dan Brown, Russell Millwood, Pepper Bailey, Stuart Plesac, Trevor Nen
1B: Harry Martinez, Victor Rodriguez, Ricardo Molina, Geraldo Marichal, Yorrick Green, Red Anderson, Luther Ferguson
2B: Frank Barrett, Don Tanaka, Olmedo Hernandez, A.J. Gonzales, Jeffrey Hernandez
3B: Bonk Hurst, Greg Abbott, Carlos Rosa, Erubiel Prieto, Wayne Banks, Gerald Suzuki, Angel Polinia
SS: Donnie Pennington, Luke Fitzgerald, Josias Franco, Lenny Webstet, Don Kell, Nigel Swann
LF: Jay Lee, Hensley Lawson, Hiram Huang, Chad Beckett, Jerrod McNally, Kazuhiro Gong
CF: Garry Brownson, Alex Barcelo, Magglio Trajano, Russ Baker
RF: Raymond Farnsworth, Mark Nixon, Jeremy Judd, Timo COllins, D'Angelo Ordaz, Joey Parrish
DH: Oscar Becker, Milt Harris, Mandy Buckley

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Feller Franchise Ring of Honor


Columbus Clippers - Juan Aramboles, Jose Rios, Matty Nunez, Chad Beckett, Magglio Trajano

Seattle Suckerfish - Douglas Jefferson, Nap Welch, Steven DeShields, Milton Christman, Yamid Perez

Cleveland Cans of Corn - Dennis Pratt, Roberto Beltre, Placido Lee, Ramiro Otanez, Jackson Christians

Minnesota Icemen - Olmedo Hernandez, Lenny Webster, Placido Johnson, Alan Sowders, Gabby Williamson 

St. Louis Barley Hops - Herman Edmonds, Harry Martinez, Nate Ratliff, Carter Mintz, Jermaine Bailey

Jacksonville Mustard Tigers - Amos Gray, Jacque Rose, Albert Sanford, Junior Lansing, Josias Guerrero

Atlanta Soggy Dogs - Darwin Francis, Hensley Lawson, Diego Colome, Magglio Cela, Edgard Alvarez

Texas Silver Bullets - Yeico Torres, Felix Crosby, Al Alvarez, Phillip Yarnall, Harry Vega

Washington D.C. Nationals - Jolbert Castillo, Ricardo Molina, Bonk Hurst, Don Kell, Carlos Javier

Philadelphia redlegs - Raymond Farnsworth, Luther Ferguson, Howie Morton, Jimmie Mateo, Edgar Alfonseca

New York Nighthawks - Rock Moore, Kenny Leary, Magglio Blanco, Emmanuel Williams, Cy Hartgraves

Hartford Defenders - Amp Little, Stuart Plesac, John Bako, Polin Prieto, Carlos Javier

Santa Cruz Missiles - Clint Sanders, Don Tanaka, Eric Harding, Gerald Vanguri, Steven Mussina

Oakland Dispensaries - Mike Newfield, Alex Barcelo, Nigel Swann, Lyle Beimel, Don Cook

Vancouver Vanadium - Rod Mahoney, Trevor Nen, Aaron Ramsey, Sidney Giambi, Raul Escuela

Fresno Spartans - Nicholas Mullen, Shawn Nitkowski, Louie Musial, Vic Spehr, Travis Bryant


Dover Dead Beats - Marvin Riley, Albie Guerrero, Elston Walker, Angel Ramirez, C.C. Halter,

Madison Maulers Ballers - Sammy Franco, Lonnie Lo Duca, Andres Pascual, John Tanaka, Hal Ray

Kansas City Bombers - Kazuhiro Gong, R.A. Smoltz, Juan Guillen, R.J. Dali, Sammy Harris

Pittsburgh Pirates - Red Anderson, Dwayne Cox, Kirk DiFelice, Karim Workman, Edgar Alfonseca

Charlotte Knights - Naoto Suzuki, Red Stock, Edgar Lopez, Scott McIntosh, Manuel Moya

Monterrey Victorious Secrets - Sammy Hocking, Rico Perez, Russ Baker, Bryan Webster, Don Aldridge

Durham Bullies - R.J. Shirley, Joey Parrish, Jack Fitzgerald, Angel Flores, Josias Franco

Jackson Brownes - Kiko Maddox, Carlos Guerrero, Turner Cambridge, Bubba Seaver, Cecil Lieber

New York Bridegrooms - Rabbit Lilly, Andrew Snyder, Juan Rodriguez, Luis Tarasco, Peter Andrews

Richmond Revolution - Russell Millwood, Bernie Cox, Keith Logan, Bingo Craddock, Bryant Oliver

Augusta Winds - Endy Ramsey, Deivi Mendez, Jack Poole, Sammy Hocking, Chuck Floyd

Toledo Muddy Webfoots - Carlos Rosa, Geraldo Marichal, Charles Perry, Sergei Orr, Douglas Dresden

Portland Timbers - Footsie Sanders, Dan Minor, John Tanaka, Jay Lee, Timo Collins

Tucson Gila Monsters - Rock Moore, Tommy Rodgers, Ramiro Martin, Eugene Strickland, Louie Richard

Arizona Dusty Muffins - Matt Michaels, Frank Barrett, Polin Prieto, Charlie Kelly, Steve Daly

Wichita Wastrels - Posiedon Worrell, Mark Nixon, Denny Polcovich, Juan Ordaz, Donnie Pennington

Monday, January 28, 2013

What am I paying these guys for?

"Is my guy any good?" The answer to that question, and the follow-up, "How much should I pay him?" are the most difficult, and most important, to answer when we construct our teams.
Through 22 seasons, here is the average offensive output at each position. If you're expecting less than this at a position, hopefully you're making up for it elsewhere, getting some defensive value, or at least benefitting from excellent leadership and veteran presence in the clubhouse.
C: .271/.342/.427 4.84RC/27
1B: .280/.351/.476 5.75RC/27
2B: .273/.340/.427 5.13RC/27
3B: .269/.330/.448 4.96RC/27
SS: .260/.325/.397 4.38RC/27
LF: .275/.344/.454 5.45RC/27
CF: .270/.335/.412 4.92RC/27
RF: .274/.340/.454 5.36RC/27
DH: .279/.350/.473 5.62RC/27
Of course, players that are "average" are rare. Players that are above average are very rare (except in the capital city of the United States - at least in this world).

Monday, July 9, 2012

20 Season Totals

With 20 seasons completed, here is a look at some franchise rankings.

Most regular season wins:
1. Washington D.C. Nationals - 2069
2. Columbus Clippers - 1972
3. Cleveland Cans of Corn - 1894
4. Monterrey Victorious Secrets (and others)- 1795
5. Salem Sea Turtles (and others) - 1778
6. Vancouver Bootleggers (and others) - 1752
7. Portland Timbers - 1744
8. Charlotte Sturgeon (and others) - 1727

For the postseason, here is a list of the franchises that have been awarded the most "prize money" from WIS.
1. Washington D.C. Nationals - 18 playoff apps, 16 LDS apps, 10 LCS apps, 7 WS apps, 4 c-ships
2. Columbus Clippers - 19 playoff apps, 11 LDS apps, 8 LCS apps, 6 WS apps, 4 c-ships
3. Cleveland Cans of Corn - 18 playoff apps, 16 LDS apps, 8 LCS apps, 4 WS apps, 4 c-ships
4. Vancouver Bootleggers (and others) - 13 playoff apps, 11 LDS apps, 6 LCS apps, 5 WS apps, 2 c-ships
5. Monterrey Victorious Secrets (and others) - 13 playoff apps, 10 LDS apps, 7 LCS apps, 5 WS apps, 1 c-ship
6. Pittsburgh Pirates (and others) - 14 playoff apps, 11 LDS apps, 6 LCS apps, 3 WS apps, 1 c-ship
7. Portland Timbers - 10 playoff apps, 8 LDS apps, 6 LCS apps, 4 WS apps, 2 c-ships
8. Charlotte Sturgeon (and others) - 10 playoff apps, 8 LDS apps, 4 LCS apps, 2 WS apps, 1 c-ship

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hall of Fame Voting

So here are the players who will be getting my vote, along with the case that I'm making for them.

Dennis Pratt:  11 All-Star apps, 11 Silver Sluggers, 2 Gold Gloves, 4 MVPs, 4 World Series Rings.  More All-Star appearances, Silver Sluggers, and MVPs than anyone else in Feller history. Postseason Career: 147 games, 42 HR, 115 RBIs, .320 AVG, .410 OBP, .607 SLG.  Pratt is one of a handful of players in this world's history who should be an automatic vote.  (If you have any reservations, please let me know, and I'll send you volume 1 of my "Ode to Dennis Pratt".  I'll continue sending the subsequent volumes until you are convinced.)
Kirk DiFelice:  3 All-Star apps, 1 Cy Young, 1 World Series Ring.  His 243 wins are 5th most in Feller history.  His 313 quality starts are 7th.  3459.0 innings pitched are 6th.  Those numbers help to put him near the top of the list of starting pitchers this world has seen.
Steve Daly:  6 All-Star apps, 2 Cy Youngs, 1 World Series Rings.  Daly doesn't rank in the top 10 for any career totals as a starting pitcher.  What he does have on his resume is 2 Cy Young Awards, and the fact that only two starting pitchers have more All-Star seasons than him.
Matt Michaels:  8 All-star apps, 6 Silver Sluggers, 1 Gold Flove, 2 MVPs, Rookie of the Year, 2 World Series Rings.  It can be difficult for a "Middle of the Diamond" player to rack up huge counting stat totals, as shown by Michaels' respectable totals in hits (2145) and HRs (368).  Along with Lonnie Lo Duca, Michaels is at the top of the list in production for centerfielders.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where am I? How did I get here? Charleston Soggy Dogs edition

This is the last installment that doesn't include Season 19 totals, so if any of Charleston's acquisitions had big seasons - sorry, I'm slow.
Top 10 Draft Picks:
10. Will Hyzdu. S10, R1-#12. 3 Gold Gloves. Unfortunately his 3 Gold Gloves came at 1B. Great, he has a lifetime OPS around .750, not very good for 1B.
9. John O'Keefe. S6, R1-#23. He took advantage of the ballpark in Burlington for 3 nice seasons, which was only fair after the way he was treated during his time in the hitter's park that is Texas.
8. Candy Boyer. S1, R4-#142. Lifetime batting average of .277. For a player drafted in the 4th round, he had a remarkable career.
7. Fred Krause. S11, R1-#2. After debuting in the big leagues at age 20 in season 13, he has begun to show why he was worthy of such a high draft pick with strong seasons in S17 and S18.
6. Norman Buchanan. S7, R1-#18. 2 Silver Sluggers. He's averaged 40 homers for the past 7 seasons (S12-S18). He is closing in on career RBI #1000.
5. Lenny Webster. S8, R1-#5. 1 All-Star appearance, 1 Silver Slugger, 1 Gold Glove. He has 300 career homers and close to 900 career RBIs.
4. Christopher Treadway. S2, R2-#51. Season 16 was his best season with a 1.20 WHIP and 3.55 ERA.
3. Darwin Francis. S12, R1-#1. 3 All-Star appearances, 2 Silver Sluggers. He has a lifetime average near .320, an OPS around .970.
2. Emmanuel Williams. S3, R1-#21. 1 Cy Young, 2 All-star appearances, 1 World Series Ring. His career ERA is below 4.00. He has 8 seasons with over 200 innings pitched. A number of fantastic seasons, but S13 and S14 stand out.
1. Grady Blake. S2, R1-#4. 6 All-Star appearances, 2 World Series Rings. He has had a very solid career with a career ERA around 4.00 and almost 3000 innings pitched. His 276 quality starts rank 13th in world history.
Top 5 International Signings (I'm so slow that the international signings include Season 19):
5. Efrain Lee.  S2-$1.5M.  1 All-star appearance.  I admire his perseverence.  After signing in Season 2, he did not make his Major League debut until Season 15 (age 32).
4. Domingo Cueto.  S4-$6.6M.  He had a nice season in Texas in Season 14 with 30 homers.
3. Victor Cortes. S10-$14.5M. With a lifetime ERA around 6.00, we're still waiting for him to earn his signing bonus.
2. Ismael James. S16-$13.5M. He had a promising 20 starts in Season 19 posting a 1.10 WHIP and a 2.50 ERA.
1. Jumbo Satou. S2-$5.5M. He put together a nice career with a .275 AVG and 200 Home Runs.

Next up: Charlotte Sturgeon

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Season 19 Awards Picture

It's nearly time to vote for awards. Maybe we can avoid a debacle like last year, when three people tied for the NL MVP vote, and they just gave it to Rabbit Lilly again.

This is my attempt to determine the best candidates in each spot.

Best AL MVP Candidate(s)

Yeico Torres, 1B - .368 BA, 39 HRs, 1.101 OPS, 11.45 RC/27

Case For: Lead AL in RC/27, and over 2.3 higher than second place. Lead AL in BA by .033 points. Led AL in OPS by nearly .1. All of the other candidates are near the top of the AL in many of those areas, but no one has been as dominant as Torres.

Case Against: He plays 1B. Darwin Francis (2B) and Rex Strickland (SS) both play key defensive positions and had great offensive numbers. I tend to factor defense into my votes, and anyone would be justified in going with Francis or Strickland, but Torres' numbers are just too huge for me to ignore.

Best NL MVP Candidate

Donnie Pennington, SS - .267 BA, 29 HRs, .862 OPS, 6.44 RC/27

Case For: Terrific numbers on offense are great, but he's also a Gold Glover winner at SS. His OPS was 12th in the NL, but higher than any other candidate.

Case Against: Low batting average, not a particularly dominant offensive season. None of the candidates were dominant, though.

Best AL Cy Young Candidate

Harry Vega - 23 Ws, 174 Ks, 1.93 ERA, 0.98 WHIP

Case For: He was dominant, and no one else in the AL really came close. Only 2nd player in AL history to have an ERA under 2.

Case Against: You could feasibly argue Polin Prieto's 270 innings pitched (2nd all-time) deserve some credit, but I'm going with the more efficient pitcher here.

Best NL Cy Young Candidates

John Tanaka - 18 Ws (4th in NL), 196 Ks (6th), 1.97 ERA (2nd), 0.91 WHIP (1st)

Case For: That WHIP, which was the only sub-1.00 in the NL and ties the all-time record set by Hal Ray in Season 16.

Case Against: Whether or not you thought Sergei Orr was better. Home field is a pitcher's park.

Sergei Orr - 19 Ws (tied for 1st in NL), 213 Ks (2nd), 1.94 ERA (1st), 1.12 WHIP (1.12)

Case For: Better ERA and strikeout numbers than Tanaka. One more win, but less losses (if you think Ws in a valid stat, which I don't). Accumulated those numbers with a pretty neutral ballpark factor.

Case Against: Whether or not you thought John Tanaka was better. Inferior WHIP.

This is really close. Both guys put up monster years. I'm voting for Tanaka, because he's my guy. If he wasn't, it would still be a toss-up.

Best AL Rookie of the Year Candidate

Michel Fernandez, SP - 18 Ws, 193 Ks, 2.98 ERA, 1.07 WHIP

Case For: All of the AL ROY candidates are pitchers, and Fernandez was the best.

Case Against: San Francisco's Yorvit James had a very good season, with a lower ERA, but his WHIP was higher, and he didn't throw nearly as much.

Best NL Rookie of the Year Candidate

Allen Donovan, 1B - .274 BA, 36 HRs, .855 OPS, 6.06 RC/27

Case For: Despite a great class of rookies, Donovan put up the best numbers. He was also a finalist for NL MVP.

Case Against: Any of the field-playing candidates here are strong. Especially Ben Rupe and Larry Ebert.