Monday, January 28, 2013

What am I paying these guys for?

"Is my guy any good?" The answer to that question, and the follow-up, "How much should I pay him?" are the most difficult, and most important, to answer when we construct our teams.
Through 22 seasons, here is the average offensive output at each position. If you're expecting less than this at a position, hopefully you're making up for it elsewhere, getting some defensive value, or at least benefitting from excellent leadership and veteran presence in the clubhouse.
C: .271/.342/.427 4.84RC/27
1B: .280/.351/.476 5.75RC/27
2B: .273/.340/.427 5.13RC/27
3B: .269/.330/.448 4.96RC/27
SS: .260/.325/.397 4.38RC/27
LF: .275/.344/.454 5.45RC/27
CF: .270/.335/.412 4.92RC/27
RF: .274/.340/.454 5.36RC/27
DH: .279/.350/.473 5.62RC/27
Of course, players that are "average" are rare. Players that are above average are very rare (except in the capital city of the United States - at least in this world).