Saturday, November 22, 2008

Open to the Public

Give Feller your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to become World Series champions.
- The new Plaque outside the door to Feller World headquarters.

Our doors are open to the public and it has helped our world fill quickly for Year 7. Here is a look at our new franchise owners.

Little Rock
Little Rock Shaggy Marlins (AL)
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tori05 brings his 8 seasons of experience and 5 division titles from World Gibson to Feller. He has moved the Jackson War Dogs to Little Rock. With the move comes a new marketing campaign with Shaggy Marlin team gear. The new ownership looks to build upon the AL South division title the franchise earned last year. The big question is will Little Rock build upon its core young players Josias Guerrero and Alfredo Ortiz both are arbitration eligible but look to be the future of the franchise. Will they re-sign star pitcher Junior Lansing ? He most certainly would return compensatory picks in the amateur if draft if they let him walk.

tabsterb is new to Hardball Dynasty but comes highly recommended from an existing owner. He returns the franchise back to their longstanding roots in Arlington after a 1 year stint in San Antonio last season. He aims to bring the AL South division title back to Texas, which the franchise had won in 4 of the last 5 seasons. Texas has a big decision to make if they will resign former Cy Young winner Steve Sherman and 35 year old perennial all star second baseman Magglio Cela. Will they bring them back for one more world series run or let them walk and rebuild? If brought back they will join their other big money stars like closer Mike Holdridge and gold glove thridbaseman Benji Olivo .

dshimoda is a well traveled owner looking for franchise fulfillment - hopefully he finds it in World Feller. dshimoda has well over 1200 HBD games on his resume along with his World Series championship from World Williams. He looks to turn over a new leaf with moving his franchise from Arizona to Vancouver. And boy does he have a great season ticket sales plan for his franchise - by naming his ball club the Canucks he hopes that the confused ice hockey fans of Vancouver mistakenly gobble up tickets to his baseball games. A cunning well thought move. Vancouver has quite a few arbitration eligible players this offseason. Leading the list is all star LF Don Tanaka if signed he'll join fellow all star Center Fielder Steven Mussina .

Much like the NFL wouldn't leave Cleveland without a franchise World Feller feels the same about the fine city of Phoenix. With the Diamondbacks exodus to Vancouver, The Simpson's fan, sideshowron brings blazing fire to the valley of the sun. After logging over 30 seasons in Hoops and Gridiron Dynasty sideshowron has turned his sights on Hardball Dynasty in World Feller. The blazing fire will have to aim high as they share the divison with the perennial AL West division winning San Francisco Seals. Will they have what it takes? It might take them a season or two but one of their cornerstones could be the young Silver Slugger SS Tommy Newfield . He is arbitration eligible but might be the right guy to build a franchise around. However with Pedro Trevino on the horizon in AAA they might have a tough decision to make unless they move one of them to 3B or 2B.

larry1945m (is that when you were born? If so I totally respect you) brings an amazing 3000 games of HBD experience to World Feller. larry1945m takes over the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise. We were sad to see Pittsburgh go as the number of owners present since world creation dropped from 12 to 11 with their deaprture. larry1945m is counted upon to bring glory back to the franchise but with a new start in New Britain. The Pelicans have two of last season's Gold Glove winners among their ranks in arb eligible CF/SS Glenn Thomas and 1B/LF Rule 5 acquisition Gus Roth . New Britain has some tough decisions to make, whether to rebuild or sign some of their vets like closer Charlie Winn and 2B R.A. Smoltz . Both would certainly contribute to the club.

Nashville Rhythm & Blues (NL)
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rdwaltz71 is moving the El Paso franchise to Nashville where he hopes to excite the local Rhythm and Blues Festival fans with baseball. By the way I can't get over the fact that there isn't a vowel between 'h' and 'm' in rhythm. When a language is invented by the Brits it has to be quirky I guess. Nashville will have some fantastic starting pitching this season with former Cy Young winner Rico Perez, all star Hector Romero, and Alex Campbell. With those three anchoring their rotation expect the Nashville franchise to win its 7th straight NL South Division Title.

The players of the Honolulu Surfers were dissapointed to be moved from their white sand beaches to rainy Tacoma. But new owner groverp realized their heads just weren't in baseball over on the island, and their record showed it. Tacoma will build around Center Fielder Denny Polcovich . Down on the farm Placido Toca looks ready to start playing Gold Glove defense in the Big Leagues as well.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Looking for a few good men

World Feller is about to roll and a few good teams are avaialble:

Little Rock
Little Rock Friends of Bill (AL)
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Benchwarmer: Cleveland Edition Revisited

Remember my blog post about Dennis Pratt ? I said don't worry about Pratt cause he'll still end up batting .280 and finish with around 150 RBI. Well guess what, since my posting he has found his grove... he is now hitting .276, OPS'ing .996 and currently has 132 RBI with 18 games to play.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Favorite Player: Rob Benson

Ron Benson
War Dogs
Age: 29B/T: S/L
Born: Nampa, ID
Position(s): 1B/LF/DH
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My favorite player? Easy, its “Psyco” Rob Bensen. When you look at Rob’s ratings, nothing pops out with a “wow” factor, except maybe his ability to hit right handers. However, if there was a rating for clutch hitting, he would be 100. I can’t count how many times he has driven in the winning run, or made that key late inning hit to start a rally. Plus, just look at him: the guy is crazy. You want a player that will sacrifice his body by crashing into the catcher at a play at the plate, he is your guy. Throw in the fact he is a left-handed first baseman, a switch hitter, and has already won one gold glove, and you can see why he is my favorite.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Favorite Player: Timo Collins

I've been trying to convince a friend of mine to try Hardball Dynasty. He's never played WIS, and is thrown off by the idea of not playing with real players.

"I understand," I told him. "But after a while they kind of become real."

Which may have made him even more skeptical.

But I'm sure you guys get it. After 6 seasons in Feller, there are players which hold some kind of unquantifiable hold over you. So this is my attempt to expose my unbounded sports nerd-dom. Maybe we can make it into some sort of ongoing column.

My favorite player is Timo Collins.

Timo Collins
Tall Firs
Age: 24B/T: S/R
Born: Portland, OR
Position(s): LF/RF
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First, Timo Collins was my first high 1st round draft pick...the 9th overall pick back in Season 2. He's a good (not great) hitter. He's fast. Decent defensively with a respectable arm for a right-fielder.

Those are the numbers, and they're convincing enough. But the real reason Timo Collins is my favorite player in Feller are these:

1) He has a cool name. Timo Collins. Like some sort of Irish-Finnish combination...only in a black guy.

2) He has a soul-patch and he smiles. His face sort of says, "Don't worry, Coach, I'm not a locker-room cancer, and I won't let you down at the plate."

3) He's a hometown boy. I'm a Portlander, and my team is based in Portland. I imagine, if the fans mattered in this game, he'd be a fan favorite...kind of like Damon Stoudamire, but without the getting-caught-with-weed-wrapped-in-tin foil-at-the-airport.

(Which, for most Blazer fans, wasn't that big of a deal compared to all the other crap we put up with for years.)

Anyway, that's why I wouldn't trade Timo Collins...not even for a package of Dennis Pratt and Endy Ramsey.

Okay, maybe for those guys...but it would hurt.

Who's you favorite player?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The NL West

I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb by saying the NL West is the National League's premier division.

Salem and Las Vegas are perennial powers, Honolulu is decent, and my team, the Portland Tall Firs, seems to make some kind of run every season.

So what's happening right now? We've been in a freefall over the last 10 games, going 16-24. It's not as if the competition has been fierce...Portland is 1-5 against the Cincinnati Nuxhalls, Salem dropped its last two to the New York Evil Empire, and, as doontristy puts it, Las Vegas is showing no heart.

I'm not sure how my team was leading this division in the first place, but I've watched as that lead has dwindled away to a near three-way tie, and I don't see myself pulling out of this nosedive. And I know I play in a pitcher's park, but a .239 team BA at home? Doesn't home field advantage play in at some point?

I appreciate the opportunity to whine to you all.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Powerloons Prospectus : A view from the Nest;

The Minnesota Powerloons are in the midst of their 6th season of current management. What follows is a “state of the union” view.

The team has been arranged in the mindset that there should be a decent mix of youth and experience. No player has the “skill ratings” that blow you off your seat, but all have been installed with the expectations that they will create a tough lineup from 1-8.

Through 72 games Billy Rivers and Patrick Stockton have handled catching duties well (.302-7-39) and they are holding their own at the plate. Losing Geronimo Mercedes to the rival Montreal squad was frustrating. Shows I didn’t do my homework. Robert McGee (.272-16-45) has done well at 1st, but has never gotten back to his pre-injury form. There are players waiting in the wings putting pressure on him. The combo of Flash Lane and Tony Soto (.284-16-49) have done well at 2B, but someone needs to step up and take charge. Management would like a fixture in this spot, but each time either one is given the chance, they fold like a cheap deck of cards. Clayton Koehlert (.303-7-38) has done what was expected and looks to be here a while. His combination of good defense and offense will be rewarded come contract time. Rounding out the infield is Vernon Hunter at SS. Vernon (.298-13-53) has a strangle hold on the position. The only thing that could shorten his future is his age. At 33, he is the oldest position player on the team and by the time his contract expires, Soto could be his replacement.

In the Loons’ inaugural season, the outfield was the strength of this team. It has slid a little since then, but LF Wesley Cook (.284-17-57) was brought in to solidify the line-up and add power. He has done both and currently leads the team in HR’s and RBI’s. CF Vic Cummings (.240-12-37) has had a disappointing season. A .300 hitter his 1st 3 ML seasons, Vic had promise. As much as the management would like to see him turn it around, this could be his last season as a Loon. In RF, Pablo Guzman (.279-14-48) is being pressed for playing time by Lance Hancock. Pablo had a big year in season 3 hitting .320-28-110 but has struggled to get back to that form since.

Pitching has been a problems for the loons from the start. Having an ERA between 4.75-5.13 in each of the first 5 years has left this team struggling to win games. This season, the staff has compiled an ERA of 4.30 and is holding the opponents batting average to .264. Trading away pitching prospects like Josias Guerrero, Clarence Jacquez and Alex Cambell have not done this franchise many favors. But young talent like William Cho, Angel Acosta and Russ Adkinson have proven worthy so far this season. At 45-34, we are pleased to be only 3 games out of the division lead.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Best of: Hot Corner Edition

So throughout the season I will review the various positions in World Feller and give my take on who the best 5 are at their respective positions. The way I’ll rank these guys is simply my opinion, if you disagree – no problem, throw your two cents in and comment on it. All my rankings are based on the current ratings and statistics (adjusted for park effects) of Major League players listed at that position at the time of review.

Benji Olivo
San Antonio
Immortal 32
Age: 28B/T: R/R
Born: Palenque, DO
Position(s): 3B
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5. Benji Oliva – His defense and 2 gold gloves speak for themselves. His offense is disemboweled by San Antonio’s ballpark and on top of it he has gotten off to a slow start. He did play in Texas prior to this season and didn’t put up numbers that would blow you away in a hitter’s park, but still drove the ball well and got on base. With his high contact and speed he would be an asset to a lot of teams. The reason he makes the “best of” though is for his glove and his career .985 fielding percentage, there aren’t many better.

Catfish Larkin
Las Vegas
Splittin' Aces
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Clarion, IA
Position(s): 3B
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4. Catfish Larkin is coming into his own offensively this season. He plays in tough park so his career offensive numbers are slightly less then they would be elsewhere. Thus far this season he is off to a great start, hitting .323 with an OBP and SLG of .393 and .558 respectively. At the hot corner he has a good enough range and glove to go with his great arm. All this and a name like Catfish, how could you not like him?

Juan Rodriguez
Age: 33B/T: R/R
Born: Elias Pina, DO
Position(s): 3B/C/MIF/OF
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3. Juan Rodriguez is a great all around third baseman. He has great contact, above average power, good splits. His batting eye is not spectacular but his contact rating in combination with his splits is what gets him on base. Now that he plays in a neutral park you should see his career numbers improve. What puts Rodriguez on this list though is his defense, with a career .992 fielding percentage and 2.31 range factor at third base. Hopefully Trenton can keep him healthy.

Bonk Hurst
Washington D.C.
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Lakeville, MN
Position(s): 3B/1B/2B/OF/DH
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2. Bonk Hurst – So anytime you have a superstar third baseman on your team it is great, well how about having three of them like Washington does (Bonk Hurst, James Langston, Dingo Banks ). Washington gets all of them at-bats through playing them at DH, First Base and RF. Bonk Hurst has monstrous power. In a home park that is tough to hit homers in, he has crushed 50+ homeruns in his last 3 seasons. To go with his offense is solid range and a great arm for third base play.

Charles Perry
Latchkey Monkeys
Age: 26B/T: S/R
Born: Baxley, GA
Position(s): 3B/1B/COF/DH
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1. Charles Perry – I could have flipped a coin between Bonk Hurst and this guy. Both are awesome third baseman any team would want to have in their lineup. I gave the nod to Perry as he is slightly better rounded offensively then Hurst. Perry's great power, L/R/ splits and a good eye all lead to a .969 OPS thus far this season and a career OPS of .934. He has a great glove and arm for third base as well.

Honorable Mention: Nap Welch (PAW), James Langston (WAS), Sammy Harris (NO)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Benchwarmer: Cleveland Edition

The Benchwarmer Post is dedicated to that special player who is grossly under performing their career statistics. If it weren't for a players underlying ratings he'd be riding the pine like Eric Byrnes with an alleged hamstring tear. We all have one of these guys, or in my case a few of these guys... Most of the time a player gets off to a slow start and his numbers look bad. Other times the only explanation is bad luck. I'll try to do a few of these throughout the course of the season.

Dennis Pratt
Cans of Corn
Age: 27B/T: S/R
Born: Mt Blanchard, OH
Position(s): 1B/RF/DH
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Three time AL MVP Dennis Pratt is having a tough time batting his weight this season. He is currently batting an awful .220 and OPS'ing, an average by Pratt's standards, .831. The sample size is quite large for this anomaly as Pratt has 264 at bats thus far. With a career batting average of .297 and a .609 slugging percentage, Cans of Corn has no choice but to keep trotting their star out there. I wouldn't worry much about Pratt though odds are he'll get hot and finish with a batting average around .285 and 150 RBIs.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update from the Nest


Update from the nest…………….

As expected, the NL North is paced by Montreal this season with Pittsburgh chasing closely behind. I only wish the Loons could close the gap. Not to panic, currently at 33-37. Last season we did not get over the .500 mark until the 93rd game of the year (47-46).

Well the off-season acquisition of Alberto Cruz has not worked out as well as hoped. Although he leads the team with 107.2 IP, he is only 4-7 in 15 starts. He leads the starters with .243 OAV but the ERA of 4.85 has been hard to overcome. The starting pitching has been OK, but the hitting has not generated the runs needed to win more games.

Last season the RPGS was 5.73 and RPGA was 5.26. This season, those numbers are 5.34 and 5.47 respectively. Although we are hitting well (.276 team BA), scoring runs needs to improve.

Robert McGee has done well so far this season hitting .338-17-55. He leads the team in BA, R, 2B, HR and RBI’s. He has clearly been the team MVP to this point.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Can of Corn Falls Off the Shelf


Bad luck strikes the Cleveland franchise. Our offseason Type A free agent acquisition, SP Tito Bradley, sufferred a season ending injury in his debut performance. The cost is steep for 4 1/3 IP. Despite his questionable health (67), management was hopeful that the 20 million budgeted to training would keep him healthy. Oh well, hopefully some of the young guys will pick it up.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Charlotte Season 4 Preview


Watchout for the Hillbillys from North Carolina .IN season 3 they lost over 100 games.with new owership they improved with 20 more wins in season 3 and already they are 3-0 .Still the Hillbillys top 2 young prospects are playing in AAA and might be called up in the first month .They should be a .500 team this year and maybe make the playoffs.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Minnesota Season Preview

Minnesota Power Loons

A review and preview of things to come

The defending division champion Power Loons seek to repeat in season 4. It by no means was a runaway, and judging by my competition, it won’t be this year either. Three different division winners in three seasons has proven that.

Montreal has been restocking through trades and the FA market. At 84-78 last season, (256-230 in three seasons) they have been in either 1st or 2nd each year. Judging by the talent they added they will be at or near the top again.

Pittsburgh is only 1 season removed from their 104 win season. They finished last season at 80-82 (276-210) and spent last season re-tooling after losing out retaining their top pitcher who bolted for Vegas. Considering that that was their worst season, they will again challenge for the top spot.

Dover is running with its’ 5th owner. After finishing 33-129 (173-313) last season, there is hope the new ownership can provide some stability and get them back on track. In season 1 they challenged for the top spot at 86-76 and have since lost 100+ the last 2. Good luck and welcome to the NL North sccrplyr16!

The Loons have made the long climb from the bottom of this division to take the crown last season. Using primarily players developed from within, finished 86-76 (235-251) and then were promptly swept by the aforementioned Vegas in the 1st round. Aquiring Alberto Cruz in the offseason from Little Rock has given the Loons a clear #1 pitcher to lead this young group back to the playoffs.


Starting Pitching

The average age of this rotation is 26 years old, but don’t let that fool you. There is only 1 starter over that age. Although not flashy, the expectation is to keep the opponents down enough to allow our top offense to overpower the opponent.

Alberto Cruz 20-7 / 237.2 IP / OAV-.276 / Whip-1.33 / ERA-4.13

As a key FA acquisition, Alberto will be counted on to be the stopper this rotation needs. Won 50 games with his first three seasons in Little Rock. At 33 he is still young enough to play another 3-4 effective seasons.

Douglas Ducey 13-9 / 193.0 IP / OAV-.258 / Whip-1.38 / ERA-4.10

Douglas had made all 35 starts last season and proved to be effective. Tied for the team lead with 13 wins, he did a good job keeping the team in every game.

Tony Rosado 5-7 / 95.2 IP / OAV-.269 / Whip-1.41 / ERA-5.08

Tony won his first 5 starts as a late season call-up last season. Although he struggled late last year, he has the right stuff to be at this level. Lets’ just hope he can do it for an entire season.

Pablo Manzanillo 13-8 / 180.1 IP / OVA-.264 / Whip-1.40 / ERA-4.24

Pablo was the co-leader in wins last season. He has been steady since coming to the ML. Would like to see a breakout year from him.

Russ Adkinson 11-13 / 184.0 IP / OVA-.262 / Whip-1.42 / ERA-4.79

Russ came storming back last season after a season ending injury ended his year 2. Making 36 starts showed his durability. He was the only starter last season to record a CG.

Relief Pitching

Group 22-13 / 47 of 57 saves / 432.2 IP / OVA-.265 / Whip-1.38 / ERA-4.58

A couple years ago this was the achillies heel of the team. Adding Tim White to the team has produced amazing results. Guys like James Kim, Torey Alcantara and Billy Ray Sanders have solidified the group.

Position Players


Rule 5 selection Patrick Stockton performed well last season (.290-16-79) and has earned a spot in the lineup. But Billy Rivers (.318-21-78 @ AAA) is demanding playing time and claims the job is his. Looks like a platoon for the start of the season.

1st Base

Pasqual Guillen finished strong last season (.277-32-96) and finished 2nd in HR’s. As well as he performed, others could split time here if he starts slow like last season.

2nd Base

Greg Cobb had a great comeback season (.302-3-49 w/27 SB). The move to 2nd base proved a good fit for Cobb and expectations are that he should flourish again.

3rd Base

After the season Thomas Cannon (.298-36-87) had as a utility player. He is being asked to play fulltime at 3rd to get his bat in the lineup more ofton. The fact that he led the team with .973 OPS and only had 363 AB’s shows what he can do with a bat in his hands.


Tony Soto was steller at 3rd base last season and SHOULD have been awarded a Gold Glove. That said, he has the skills to be a SS and his move helps with the Cannon arrangement. After the great rookie season (.327-30-121) he had, this year comes with higher expectations.


Robert McGee (.271-28-92) had a good year and it is hoped he will build on it this season. A fine athlete with all the tools, Robert is expected to be a big part of this teams future. A late season call-up, Flash Lane (.299-5-16 in 24 games) has also earned a spot with the big club. His ability to play multiple roles will prove valuable.


Since season 2, when Vic Cummings (.329-18-89) took over for Cobb in centerfield, we have not had more steady play from any other position. The All-Star, Gold Glove and reighning NL batting champ will be patroling CF again for the Loons and his bat is just as valuable as his glove.


After a Gold Glove in season 2 and the All-Star MVP in season 3, Pablo Guzman has shown his ability to be another All-Star performer for the Loons. He became the first Loon player to amass 200+ hits in a season. He credits his and his teamates success at the plate last year to their new hitting coach.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

San Fran Seals Preview


There is a little buzz in San Francisco this spring, as the Seals return their entire starting lineup from their 100 win campaign in Season 3. However, the real buzz involves the offseason acquisition of Season 3 AL Cy Young Award winner, Hades Reynolds.
Some of you may recall that the Seals were promptly bounced in a 5 game series by eventual champ, Columbus Clippers, losing game 5 by a score of 15-0, after 4 close fought games. Realizing their weakness was having no true ace, Seals' management moved quickly, and feels this may be the city's last chance to bring home a champion-- especially because D.C. team looks like a juggernaut in the making...
Don't fret, though, the Seals will remove $34 mil. from the books in the offseason, meaning they will have enough dough to stay competitve...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Rock Preview


Big, big changes in Little Rock this season. After winning 308 games in the first three seasons (and never falling below 101 or rising above 105 wins) the tides MIGHT be turning for Rebels. The team is getting much older and has already began to clean house and make room for the next batch of minor leaguers.
Staff stalwart and winner of 50 career games (3 seasons) has been dealt to intra-league rival Minnesota for two young arms.
Sliver slugger winner and All-star Darwin Cook has been dealt for a defensive minded shortstop prospect.
Youngster Wayne Banks will be inserted from opening day to help sure-up the offense and 27 year old, 56 game winner, and 2-time NL CY YOUNG champion Rico Perez has been awarded the richest and longest contract in team history, which should keep the rotation near the middle of the pack.
The Rebels will not win 105 games this season and will fight for their playoff life, but they do expect to be competitive in the National League South, where the competition is slowly getting much, much stronger.

Minnesota Trade Update

Loons get No. 1 starter Cruz!!!!!

In a 5 player deal with Little Rock, the Loons have added Alberto Cruz. He has 50 career wins in the first three seasons of Feller. His 4.24 ERA is good but the 1.33 WhiP is a better sign. At 33 years old and in the last year of his contract, we are hoping to offer an extension that will allow Alberto to retire a Loon.

The departure of my 1st rnd draft picks from seasons' 1 and 2, Clarence Jacquez and Alex Campbell was tough, but I think it will be worth it.

Awards through Season 3

thought I'd place the league awards here and the league members can comment on them. I'll update them as each season passes.

AL MVP Award
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Davey Fasano new york meade_2004
Season 2 Domingo Guapo Hummers 7Yankees7
Season 3 Dennis Pratt Cans of Corn mattfurjan

AL Cy Young Award
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Steve Sherman Lone Stars yanks0218
Season 2 Houston Vernon Hummers 7Yankees7
Season 3 Hades Reynolds Spartans jwillcox

AL Rookie of the Year Award
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Mike Newfield Seals bradydt
Season 2 Don Kell Nationals gidoni13
Season 3 Dingo Banks Nationals gidoni13

AL Fireman of the Year Award
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Timothy White Mud Hens kevmax100
Season 2 Philip Wright Hummers 7Yankees7
Season 3 D'Angelo Marichal Sea Dogs cj_stevie

NL MVP Award
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Rock Moore Silent Assassins ARomano
Season 2 Rock Moore Silent Assassins ARomano
Season 3 Endy Ramsey Nexus square2

NL Cy Young Award

Season 1 Rico Perez Southern Rebels GuerillaZen1
Season 2 Charlie Kelly Splittin' Aces doontristy
Season 3 Rico Perez Southern Rebels GuerillaZen1

NL Rookie of the Year Award
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Rock Moore Silent Assassins ARomano
Season 2 Paul Robinson Nexus square2
Season 3 Matt Michaels Splittin' Aces doontristy

NL Fireman of the Year Award
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Alan Grey Nexus square2
Season 2 Sidney Kashmir Splittin' Aces doontristy
Season 3 Louie Ardoin Latchkey Monkeys plessburglar

AL Silver Slugger Award - DH
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Ralph Lyon Hummers 7Yankees7
Season 2 Troy Brown ReDawgs BostonDawg
Season 3 Kerry Jensen Seals bradydt

AL Silver Slugger Award - C
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Willie Castillo new york meade_2004
Season 2 Del Cubillan Lone Stars yanks0218
Season 3 Milton Stokes Seals bradydt

AL Silver Slugger Award - 1B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Davey Fasano new york meade_2004
Season 2 Jae Maeda Roadrunners quantum76
Season 3 P.T. Cortazar Seals bradydt

AL Silver Slugger Award - 2B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Peter Sakamoto Gamblers gator993
Season 2 Domingo Guapo Hummers 7Yankees7
Season 3 Rico Rosa Seals bradydt

AL Silver Slugger Award - 3B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Gregory Brower Roadrunners quantum76
Season 2 Gregory Brower Roadrunners quantum76
Season 3 Vic Miranda Clippers job314

AL Silver Slugger Award - SS
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 James Lo Roadrunners quantum76
Season 2 James Lo Roadrunners quantum76
Season 3 Don Kell Nationals gidoni13

AL Silver Slugger Award - LF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Mike Newfield Seals bradydt
Season 2 Hensley Lawson Armadillos rmkelley15
Season 3 Chad Beckett Clippers job314

AL Silver Slugger Award - CF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Rod Mahoney Sidewinders pak4427
Season 2 Daryl Perkins Stranglers acatala
Season 3 Steven Mussina Melanoma jwesty5

AL Silver Slugger Award - RF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Jay Malone Roadrunners quantum76
Season 2 Dennis Pratt Cans of Corn mattfurjan
Season 3 Dennis Pratt Cans of Corn mattfurjan

NL Silver Slugger Award - P
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Geoffery McInerney Abnaki hhavey
Season 2 Julio Trevino Durham Bulls cortezd
Season 3 Claude Doerr Latchkey Monkeys plessburglar

NL Silver Slugger Award - C
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Rock Moore Silent Assassins ARomano
Season 2 Rock Moore Silent Assassins ARomano
Season 3 Rock Moore Silent Assassins ARomano

NL Silver Slugger Award - 1B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Darwin Cook Southern Rebels GuerillaZen1
Season 2 Cooper Fischer Splittin' Aces doontristy
Season 3 Deivi Mendez Nexus square2

NL Silver Slugger Award - 2B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Adam Miles freeze ggd1022
Season 2 Rogers Peterson Durham Bulls cortezd
Season 3 Elroy Williamson Polecats frik

NL Silver Slugger Award - 3B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Sammy Harris Pirates typhoon26
Season 2 Charles Perry Latchkey Monkeys plessburglar
Season 3 Angel Polonia Red Wings TheGator

NL Silver Slugger Award - SS
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Angel Polonia Red Wings TheGator
Season 2 Angel Polonia Red Wings TheGator
Season 3 Vernon Hunter Surfers Dave062451

NL Silver Slugger Award - LF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Endy Ramsey Nexus square2
Season 2 Endy Ramsey Nexus square2
Season 3 Endy Ramsey Nexus square2

NL Silver Slugger Award - CF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Frank Barrett Alex Gordon's ewchippe
Season 2 Henry Bell Scandals orabbi
Season 3 Matt Michaels Splittin' Aces doontristy

NL Silver Slugger Award - RF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Anthony Buehrle Tall Firs agentverde
Season 2 Richie Paul Splittin' Aces doontristy
Season 3 Richie Paul Splittin' Aces doontristy

AL Gold Glove Award - P
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Ralph Davis Lone Stars yanks0218
Season 2 Russell Broome Mud Hens kevmax100
Season 3 Pedro Martin Sea Dogs cj_stevie

AL Gold Glove Award - C
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Marty Williams Roadrunners quantum76
Season 2 Marty Williams Roadrunners quantum76
Season 3 Jose Olmeda Spartans jwillcox

AL Gold Glove Award - 1B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Juan Mesa Sea Dogs cj_stevie
Season 2 Ron Benson Snowbirds drnick77
Season 3 P.T. Cortazar Seals bradydt

AL Gold Glove Award - 2B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Ruben Diaz new york meade_2004
Season 2 Travis Strickland Melanoma jwesty5
Season 3 Francisco Rodriguez Mud Hens kevmax100

AL Gold Glove Award - 3B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Woody Cannon Seals bradydt
Season 2 Benji Olivo Armadillos rmkelley15
Season 3 Trent Welch Melanoma jwesty5

AL Gold Glove Award - SS
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Richard Mills Cans of Corn mattfurjan
Season 2 Douglas Park Melanoma jwesty5
Season 3 Douglas Park Melanoma jwesty5

AL Gold Glove Award - LF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Ismael Mondesi Clippers job314
Season 2 Fred Leach Dirty Old Men bobkordecki
Season 3 Javier Machado Cans of Corn mattfurjan

AL Gold Glove Award - CF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Ralph Hines Lone Stars yanks0218
Season 2 Shawon Campbell Snowbirds drnick77
Season 3 Rogers Floyd Ponies sidekicker

AL Gold Glove Award - RF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Del Chiba ReDawgs BostonDawg
Season 2 Christian Zheng Hummers 7Yankees7
Season 3 Tommy Newfield Krushers itsmedennis

NL Gold Glove Award - P
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Wilton Moore Southern Rebels GuerillaZen1
Season 2 Felipe Moreno Latchkey Monkeys plessburglar
Season 3 Ralph Davis Southern Rebels GuerillaZen1

NL Gold Glove Award - C
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Bronson Terrell freeze ggd1022
Season 2 Bronson Terrell Scandals orabbi
Season 3 Bronson Terrell C'est Moi! crehling

NL Gold Glove Award - 1B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Gregg Lindsey Warriors itsjimmy91
Season 2 Mickey Fisher Tall Firs agentverde
Season 3 Deivi Mendez Nexus square2

NL Gold Glove Award - 2B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Adam Miles freeze ggd1022
Season 2 Rogers Peterson Durham Bulls cortezd
Season 3 Tony Jacobs Kings trapapoodle

NL Gold Glove Award - 3B
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Milton Oliver Red Wings TheGator
Season 2 Leonardo Hill Southern Rebels GuerillaZen1
Season 3 Edgar Velazquez Kings trapapoodle

NL Gold Glove Award - SS
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Phil Gibbons Power Loons ebpyle
Season 2 McKay Forbes Tall Firs agentverde
Season 3 McKay Forbes Tall Firs agentverde

NL Gold Glove Award - LF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Ruben Lira Southern Rebels GuerillaZen1
Season 2 Rodney Duckworth Silent Assassins ARomano
Season 3 Endy Ramsey Nexus square2

NL Gold Glove Award - CF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Jeremy Hughes Southern Rebels GuerillaZen1
Season 2 Jeremy Hughes Southern Rebels GuerillaZen1
Season 3 Vic Cummings Power Loons ebpyle

NL Gold Glove Award - RF
Player Franchise Owner
Season 1 Shaggy O'Brien BlueNotes rpsrn
Season 2 Pablo Guzman Power Loons ebpyle
Season 3 Anthony Buehrle Tall Firs agentverde

Award leaders through three seasons are as follows;

New Britain - 9 awards from 4 players
4 Silver Sluggers
2 Gold Gloves
1 Fireman

Little Rock - 9 awards from 7 players
1 Silver Slugger
6 Gold Gloves
2 Cy Youngs

Santa Fe / Atlanta - 8 awards from 5 players
6 Silver Sluggers
2 Gold Gloves

San Francisco - 8 awards from 6 players
5 Silver Sluggers
2 Gold Gloves

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Minnesota Playoff Review

3 and out.

That was the Loons' fate for my first playoff series. All three games were close, but a loss is a loss. The team to take me out (Las Vegas) appears on their way to the WS as the NL rep. They need to beat Salem first, but the question that bothers the Loons is this;

Where would we be if we had just outbid Vegas for the services of Steve Cameron. 3Yrs-$50 min for a 35 yr old pitcher still seems too much, but he is in the NLCS and I'm not.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Minnesota Season 3 Review

Season 3 end of year update!!!!!!!!!!!

The Loons are in!!

My first Division title came down to the last series of the season. Montreal put up a huge comeback, but a win in game 2 clinched. Here is some Loon info from the season;

Finished the season 86-76, 2 games up.

Three of the top 5 hitters (Avg.) in the NL were from the Loons.

Vic Cummings (CF, 27yrs) - .329 / 123runs / 18hrs / 89rbi
Also led the team with 36 steals. Vic won the batting crown. He has been a do-it-all player. Made his 1st ML All-Star appearance and is a finalist for league MVP.

Tony Soto (3B, 27yrs) - .327 / 93 / 30 / 131
Tony had an impressive rookie season. As a finalist for ROY (Cummings did it in Season 2) Tony homered twice in the division clinching game. Is deserving of the GG with 3 errors (.988 fielding) but appears to have been snubbed.

Pablo Guzman (RF, 25yrs) - .320 / 113 / 28 / 110
Pablo had a great 2nd season raising his BA from .268 and almost doubling his HR output. He did most of his damage from the lead-off spot. Had 18 steals.

Greg Cobb (2B, 26yrs) - .302 / 82 / 3 / 49
Greg resurrected his career by taking over the 2B spot early in the season. Originally a CF (Season 1), Greg was a backup in season 2. The loss of Gryboski to another ST injury forced the Loons to look for his replacement. Greg also stole 27 bases and did all this from the #9 spot behind the pitcher.

Thomas Cannon (Util, 31yrs) - .298 / 70 / 36 / 87
Thomas, as Cobb, had a change of position this season. Primarily playing 3B in season 2, he played 1B, 2B, 3B, LF and RF in Season 3. Lead team with a career high 36 HR's on just 363 AB's. Resigned for season 4 with the hopes that this can continue.

Patrick Stockton (C, 24yrs) - .290 / 69 / 16 / 79
A rule 5 pick taken from the Montreal franchise proved his worth. Patrick provided some consistancy and power from a position the Loons had struggled with. Hope to see more from him next season.

Mark Freeman (SS, 24 yrs)
Also a rule 5 pick from Pittsburgh(divisional foe), he played well in a limited role hitting .281 while filling in all over. Looks to replace Gibbons at SS in season 4

Pasqual Guillen (1B, 26yrs) - .277 / 73 / 32 / 96
Finished strong after a slow start cost him his job. Ended up finishing 2nd on the team in HR's and 3rd in RBI's. Would love to see him explode next season.

Robert McGee (LF, 22 yrs) - .271 / 93 / 28 / 92
Robert had a good rookie season and could really make a good splash next season. has power to all fields, but K's can be a problem (led team with 121)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Minnesota In Season Update

Power Loon update;

At 60-53, the Loons are still holding the 1st spot in the North. That spot is closely challenged by Montreal and unless my pitching improves, they'll take it right back.

The starters are 34-35 with a .263 OBA

The Long Relief is 15-9 @.271

The Set-up is 11-9 @.276

Thank god for the trade for Timothy White. He is 14-14 in save opprotunities since coming to the Loons. His new nickname is "Its' Over" because that is what it is when he comes in.

Year 3 Standings Update

Standing update;

In the AL, Columbus has regained the top spot in the North. At 68-45 (8 gm up), the Clippers are looking to take their show back to the playoffs. Pitching and defense are driving them this season, while getting just enough offense to do the trick.

The East has been a revolving door at the top. Currently the DC Nationals have the honors @ 66-47 (6 games up). Second in the league in runs scored and 5th in ERA, the nationals have a very balanced attack.

Texas is again leading the South. After climbing out of the cellar in season 1 to a division championship in season 2, the Armadillos (59-54) are 2 games up. Leading the league in fielding and 3rd in hitting has helped overcome the 11th rated pitching staff.

San Francisco is leading the West by 11 games @ 71-42. 2nd in batting and 1st in pitching has put the seals in a great spot late into the season. This is a step up from last season, where the Seals were hovering the bottom of the division.

The NL doesn't have as much of the volitivity of the AL;

The East is again dominated by New Britain. For the 3rd year in a row, the Nexus @ 64-49, are in a commanding position. This team hits well (2nd in NL) and scores runs. They are 7 games up on the Monkey's from Buffalo.

Little Rock is running away with the South. This team has won this division each of the 1st 2 years and at 76-37 (20 games up) looks to have no trouble again this year. 1st in pitching, 4th in batting and 5th in fielding Makes the Rebels the favorite this season.

Salem has made a good run out of the West. At 69-44 (7 games up), they ar pitching well (2nd in NL) and hit just well enough to drive you nuts. They are 5-5 against Little Rock this season and could be the David that could upset Goliath.

Last and probably least is the NL North. The Power loons are 60-53 (4 games up) on a division that took until the 76th game for anyone to be above .500. The Loons are 14th in pitching, 5th in fielding and 1st in hitting. If there is anything I can be happy with, it's the fact we are in contention this season (2.5 years in the making).