Saturday, November 22, 2008

Open to the Public

Give Feller your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to become World Series champions.
- The new Plaque outside the door to Feller World headquarters.

Our doors are open to the public and it has helped our world fill quickly for Year 7. Here is a look at our new franchise owners.

Little Rock
Little Rock Shaggy Marlins (AL)
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tori05 brings his 8 seasons of experience and 5 division titles from World Gibson to Feller. He has moved the Jackson War Dogs to Little Rock. With the move comes a new marketing campaign with Shaggy Marlin team gear. The new ownership looks to build upon the AL South division title the franchise earned last year. The big question is will Little Rock build upon its core young players Josias Guerrero and Alfredo Ortiz both are arbitration eligible but look to be the future of the franchise. Will they re-sign star pitcher Junior Lansing ? He most certainly would return compensatory picks in the amateur if draft if they let him walk.

tabsterb is new to Hardball Dynasty but comes highly recommended from an existing owner. He returns the franchise back to their longstanding roots in Arlington after a 1 year stint in San Antonio last season. He aims to bring the AL South division title back to Texas, which the franchise had won in 4 of the last 5 seasons. Texas has a big decision to make if they will resign former Cy Young winner Steve Sherman and 35 year old perennial all star second baseman Magglio Cela. Will they bring them back for one more world series run or let them walk and rebuild? If brought back they will join their other big money stars like closer Mike Holdridge and gold glove thridbaseman Benji Olivo .

dshimoda is a well traveled owner looking for franchise fulfillment - hopefully he finds it in World Feller. dshimoda has well over 1200 HBD games on his resume along with his World Series championship from World Williams. He looks to turn over a new leaf with moving his franchise from Arizona to Vancouver. And boy does he have a great season ticket sales plan for his franchise - by naming his ball club the Canucks he hopes that the confused ice hockey fans of Vancouver mistakenly gobble up tickets to his baseball games. A cunning well thought move. Vancouver has quite a few arbitration eligible players this offseason. Leading the list is all star LF Don Tanaka if signed he'll join fellow all star Center Fielder Steven Mussina .

Much like the NFL wouldn't leave Cleveland without a franchise World Feller feels the same about the fine city of Phoenix. With the Diamondbacks exodus to Vancouver, The Simpson's fan, sideshowron brings blazing fire to the valley of the sun. After logging over 30 seasons in Hoops and Gridiron Dynasty sideshowron has turned his sights on Hardball Dynasty in World Feller. The blazing fire will have to aim high as they share the divison with the perennial AL West division winning San Francisco Seals. Will they have what it takes? It might take them a season or two but one of their cornerstones could be the young Silver Slugger SS Tommy Newfield . He is arbitration eligible but might be the right guy to build a franchise around. However with Pedro Trevino on the horizon in AAA they might have a tough decision to make unless they move one of them to 3B or 2B.

larry1945m (is that when you were born? If so I totally respect you) brings an amazing 3000 games of HBD experience to World Feller. larry1945m takes over the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise. We were sad to see Pittsburgh go as the number of owners present since world creation dropped from 12 to 11 with their deaprture. larry1945m is counted upon to bring glory back to the franchise but with a new start in New Britain. The Pelicans have two of last season's Gold Glove winners among their ranks in arb eligible CF/SS Glenn Thomas and 1B/LF Rule 5 acquisition Gus Roth . New Britain has some tough decisions to make, whether to rebuild or sign some of their vets like closer Charlie Winn and 2B R.A. Smoltz . Both would certainly contribute to the club.

Nashville Rhythm & Blues (NL)
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rdwaltz71 is moving the El Paso franchise to Nashville where he hopes to excite the local Rhythm and Blues Festival fans with baseball. By the way I can't get over the fact that there isn't a vowel between 'h' and 'm' in rhythm. When a language is invented by the Brits it has to be quirky I guess. Nashville will have some fantastic starting pitching this season with former Cy Young winner Rico Perez, all star Hector Romero, and Alex Campbell. With those three anchoring their rotation expect the Nashville franchise to win its 7th straight NL South Division Title.

The players of the Honolulu Surfers were dissapointed to be moved from their white sand beaches to rainy Tacoma. But new owner groverp realized their heads just weren't in baseball over on the island, and their record showed it. Tacoma will build around Center Fielder Denny Polcovich . Down on the farm Placido Toca looks ready to start playing Gold Glove defense in the Big Leagues as well.

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