Sunday, September 6, 2009

Season 10 Preview for the Powerloons

So, it has been three seasons since I posted one of these. Lets see if I can do a proper one of these.

A lot has changed with the pitching staff. A trade with the evil empire (Washington) brought in staff ace CC Halter to us last season. Going 11-5 in 25 starts may not sound like much, but for a team that finished 76-86 last season, he was a star. Free agency this season has brought over Charlie Kelly. This 3 time Cy Young winner went 23-4 last season and the Loon management hopes he can be a great #2 man for us. After Tim White was sent to Washington in the Halter deal, Jaimie Ma was used as a closer. His age and relative ineffectiveness were shown the door. Sidney Kashmir, career saves leader in Feller, has come in to fill the closer roll. Hopefully he can continue to deliver what he always has.

More later, when I am more

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