Sunday, March 13, 2011

Players Approaching "00" Milestones

700 Home Runs
This former MVP (Season 6) has 693 home runs. He is a free agent entering Season 16. His power is currently 75. If a team signs him to a contract for this season, it would seem that 7 homers is automatic.

600 Home Runs

Millwood currently has 563 home runs. Like Becker, he is also a free agent entering Season 16. At age he still brings 90 power. He hit 31 homers last season. Over the next two seasons, he's likely to get at least 37 homers to join the 600 club.

500 Home Runs
Chad Beckett with 485 homers
Rabbit Lilly with 474 homers
Dingo Banks with 471 homers
Frank Barrett with 470 homers

At 36, Beckett has 63 power. If he gets enough PAs, Beckett should join the 500 club this season.

How far past 500 will Lilly be at the end of this season? And when will he be looking at the 600 club?

Banks had a major injury last season. He is currently a free agent. 500 might be tough for Dingo (make your own "baby" joke).

Barrett hit 30 homers last season. At 37, his skills seem to be eroding. 500 - it better be this season.

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