Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Hall of Fame

As before, these are one idiot's opinions...
Magglio Cela
Awards: 1 Silver Slugger, 5 All-Star appearances
Cela didn't have enough time to rack up huge career totals, but he did a lot in his career. His 1101 RC are the 7th most among 2B in Feller's history. Beyond that, his 8.09 RC/27 is the highest for 2B with at least 2310 PA. For more traditional numbers, his .324 career batting average currently ranks 6th all time among all batters, and his .403 OBP is 12th all time. That's some great offensive production for anyone, let alone a 2B. As for Cela's defense, well, check out those offensive numbers. Unfortunately his 155 errors at 2B are the most by anyone at that position, and his 15/57 +/- plays aren't very good. He did play the 3rd most innings at 2B, and his .978 Fld % isn't too far off the average for 2B (.981).
Cela may have missed out on a couple of productive years at the beginnning of his career, but in my opinion, his career reaches Hall of Fame level.

Jimmie Mateo
Awards: 4 All-Star appearances, 1 Championship
Mateo's 168 wins currently rank 19th in Feller history. His 3.79 career ERA is 30th among starting pitchers (at least 810 IP and 100 starts). His 188 quality starts out of 368 games started (51.1%) is 92nd among starters. Uh-oh, this is headed in a bad direction for Jimmie. Moving on, Jimmie's 1.27 WHIP is 31st among starters. Most of the rest of his numbers (e.g. strikeouts. K/BB, OAV, etc.) rank around 15 to 30 for starters, but I don't really want to go through anymore, I already feel bad for Mateo.
When I chose Mateo, I thought he would be automatic for the Hall of Fame. After looking at the numbers, I think I have to say that he doesn't belong.

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