Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hall of Fame Discussion

This is meant to offer a few opinions on some of the higher profile candidates for the Hall of Fame. I recognize that there is a lot of room for discussion. These are just my opinions. One guy that will get my vote, one guy that won't get my vote. I might continue on to other candidates before the season begins.
Endy Ramsey
Awards: 2 time MVP, 11 Silver Sluggers, 9 All-Star appearances, 1 Gold Glove, 1 World Series Ring. No one has won more Silver Sluggers. His 9 All-Star appearances are bested by only 4 players, each of whom has 10. One of eight players that has multiple MVP awards. His closet is overflowing with awards. It takes a little while to scroll through his player card.

His 590 homers rank 6th, 1557 RBIs rank 8th (save your "isn't it 'RBI'" for English class), 1658 RC rank 4th, and 15091.2 Innings in LF rank 1st are all impressive. And Ramsey wasn't just a compiler of numbers, his 9.19 RC/27 is 8th in Feller history. He should be in the Hall of Fame.

Troy Brown

Awards: 1 Silver Slugger (DH) - end of the list (red flag for Troy)
Unfortunately for Brown, catcher has been a very deep position in Feller's first 12 seasons.

Brown caught 8129 innings for his career (22nd). The other 30% of his career was mostly spent as a DH. His 1068 RC currently rank 7th among players who spent at least 50% of their career behind the plate (50th among all batters). 7.56 RC/27 places 6th among the catchers.
As a catcher, it's troubling that Brown never made an All-Star game, and never won a Silver Slugger. I would place Brown just outside of the top 5 catchers in Feller's history. Brown was a very good player, not quite a HOFer for me.

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