Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The NL West

I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb by saying the NL West is the National League's premier division.

Salem and Las Vegas are perennial powers, Honolulu is decent, and my team, the Portland Tall Firs, seems to make some kind of run every season.

So what's happening right now? We've been in a freefall over the last 10 games, going 16-24. It's not as if the competition has been fierce...Portland is 1-5 against the Cincinnati Nuxhalls, Salem dropped its last two to the New York Evil Empire, and, as doontristy puts it, Las Vegas is showing no heart.

I'm not sure how my team was leading this division in the first place, but I've watched as that lead has dwindled away to a near three-way tie, and I don't see myself pulling out of this nosedive. And I know I play in a pitcher's park, but a .239 team BA at home? Doesn't home field advantage play in at some point?

I appreciate the opportunity to whine to you all.

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Christopher Rehling said...

The NL West is top flight, but they better beware of the North. Montrael and Minnesota are breathing down their necks this year.
-crehling, Montrael C'est Moi!