Saturday, January 5, 2008

Year 3 Standings Update

Standing update;

In the AL, Columbus has regained the top spot in the North. At 68-45 (8 gm up), the Clippers are looking to take their show back to the playoffs. Pitching and defense are driving them this season, while getting just enough offense to do the trick.

The East has been a revolving door at the top. Currently the DC Nationals have the honors @ 66-47 (6 games up). Second in the league in runs scored and 5th in ERA, the nationals have a very balanced attack.

Texas is again leading the South. After climbing out of the cellar in season 1 to a division championship in season 2, the Armadillos (59-54) are 2 games up. Leading the league in fielding and 3rd in hitting has helped overcome the 11th rated pitching staff.

San Francisco is leading the West by 11 games @ 71-42. 2nd in batting and 1st in pitching has put the seals in a great spot late into the season. This is a step up from last season, where the Seals were hovering the bottom of the division.

The NL doesn't have as much of the volitivity of the AL;

The East is again dominated by New Britain. For the 3rd year in a row, the Nexus @ 64-49, are in a commanding position. This team hits well (2nd in NL) and scores runs. They are 7 games up on the Monkey's from Buffalo.

Little Rock is running away with the South. This team has won this division each of the 1st 2 years and at 76-37 (20 games up) looks to have no trouble again this year. 1st in pitching, 4th in batting and 5th in fielding Makes the Rebels the favorite this season.

Salem has made a good run out of the West. At 69-44 (7 games up), they ar pitching well (2nd in NL) and hit just well enough to drive you nuts. They are 5-5 against Little Rock this season and could be the David that could upset Goliath.

Last and probably least is the NL North. The Power loons are 60-53 (4 games up) on a division that took until the 76th game for anyone to be above .500. The Loons are 14th in pitching, 5th in fielding and 1st in hitting. If there is anything I can be happy with, it's the fact we are in contention this season (2.5 years in the making).

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