Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Minnesota Season 3 Review

Season 3 end of year update!!!!!!!!!!!

The Loons are in!!

My first Division title came down to the last series of the season. Montreal put up a huge comeback, but a win in game 2 clinched. Here is some Loon info from the season;

Finished the season 86-76, 2 games up.

Three of the top 5 hitters (Avg.) in the NL were from the Loons.

Vic Cummings (CF, 27yrs) - .329 / 123runs / 18hrs / 89rbi
Also led the team with 36 steals. Vic won the batting crown. He has been a do-it-all player. Made his 1st ML All-Star appearance and is a finalist for league MVP.

Tony Soto (3B, 27yrs) - .327 / 93 / 30 / 131
Tony had an impressive rookie season. As a finalist for ROY (Cummings did it in Season 2) Tony homered twice in the division clinching game. Is deserving of the GG with 3 errors (.988 fielding) but appears to have been snubbed.

Pablo Guzman (RF, 25yrs) - .320 / 113 / 28 / 110
Pablo had a great 2nd season raising his BA from .268 and almost doubling his HR output. He did most of his damage from the lead-off spot. Had 18 steals.

Greg Cobb (2B, 26yrs) - .302 / 82 / 3 / 49
Greg resurrected his career by taking over the 2B spot early in the season. Originally a CF (Season 1), Greg was a backup in season 2. The loss of Gryboski to another ST injury forced the Loons to look for his replacement. Greg also stole 27 bases and did all this from the #9 spot behind the pitcher.

Thomas Cannon (Util, 31yrs) - .298 / 70 / 36 / 87
Thomas, as Cobb, had a change of position this season. Primarily playing 3B in season 2, he played 1B, 2B, 3B, LF and RF in Season 3. Lead team with a career high 36 HR's on just 363 AB's. Resigned for season 4 with the hopes that this can continue.

Patrick Stockton (C, 24yrs) - .290 / 69 / 16 / 79
A rule 5 pick taken from the Montreal franchise proved his worth. Patrick provided some consistancy and power from a position the Loons had struggled with. Hope to see more from him next season.

Mark Freeman (SS, 24 yrs)
Also a rule 5 pick from Pittsburgh(divisional foe), he played well in a limited role hitting .281 while filling in all over. Looks to replace Gibbons at SS in season 4

Pasqual Guillen (1B, 26yrs) - .277 / 73 / 32 / 96
Finished strong after a slow start cost him his job. Ended up finishing 2nd on the team in HR's and 3rd in RBI's. Would love to see him explode next season.

Robert McGee (LF, 22 yrs) - .271 / 93 / 28 / 92
Robert had a good rookie season and could really make a good splash next season. has power to all fields, but K's can be a problem (led team with 121)

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