Monday, December 10, 2007

Minnesota In Season Update

Power Loons in-season update;

Well, the coach hiring process was slow, but the loon's (20Mil) budget provided a good base of teaching talent this year. Hopefully, this will help the young team.

The rule 5 draft brought a couple of talented players my way. At SS, the Loons took from talent within the division by stealing Mark Freeman from Pittsburg. Mark is definately a defensive asset, but his bat has helped to.

Minnesotan native Patrick Stockton (C) came over from Montreal. He has the ratings to make you believe he'll be a star. Only time will tell.

After the first 43 games, the Loons are 19-24 and only 3 games out of the division lead. They have shown signs of improvement this season (ie. leading the NL in hitting), but still are an up and down team.

The hitting is much better than season 1 when we were last in the ML and now in the top 5. They are still a young team and I think this could get better.

The Infield;

At catcher, Stockton has really done a nice job of adding average and power (.329 BA - 9HR - 36 RBI). His bat and Benoit's late inning defensive ability have been a good combination.

Guillen has taken the 1B job this season. He leads the team in HR's (.243-11-30), but the BA must improve or I will be forced to look elsewhere.

The plan at 2B was to use a combination of Gryboski/Cannon. Unfortunately, Gryboski was injured in spring training (I should have seen it coming because this happened in the start of season 2). Cannon was hitting poorly so I brought up Sanford to fill the role, but the hitting got worse. I made the decision to move Greg Cobb to 2B and WOW it worked. Cobb is hitting .320-2-15 and has a .987 fielding %. it is good to see him being productive since he lost his CF job to Cummings.

At 3B, Tony Soto started the season slow. Now he is storming back (.302-8-39). I hope this keeps up.

Phil Gibbons has done another fine job at SS .291-5-17, but the addition of Freeman has given me another option without giving up the defense.

The Outfield;

In Left is Robert McGee. Robert is hitting well (.310-9-33) and has been a great defensive improvement over Nick Jordan.

Vic Cummings has been his steady and consistant self. Hitting .331-5-32 w/11 SB he again is showing why I think he will be a perenial All-Star.

RF Pablo Guzman, fresh of his rookie year where he hit .268-16-73 and recieved his 1st Gold Glove, is hitting .326-6-22.

These three, I hope, will be a staple for the Loons OF for the next several years.

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