Wednesday, September 21, 2011

120 or fewer wins in back to back seasons

After a little bit of research, there have been 20 times in Feller history that a team has failed to win at least 120 combined games in consecutive seasons with the same owner.
Here's the list:
Washington S1 + S2. This owner has gone on to participate in all 18 seasons of Feller.
St. Louis S1 + S2. This owner played in the first 8 seasons of the world.
Burlington S3 + S4. Those were that owner’s only two seasons.
Dover S4 + S5. This owner has now played 15 seasons.
Rochester S4 + S5. This owner played 13 seasons before leaving.
Pawtucket S5 + S6, S6 + S7, S7 + S8, S8 + S9. This owner invested 8 seasons in that franchise and has since come back for 4 more with another team.
Seattle S7 + S8. This owner left after participating in the first 8 seasons.
Charlotte S8 + S9, S9 + S10. This owner now has 12 seasons in the world.
Texas S10 + S11, S11 + S12. This owner left after playing for 10 seasons.
Anaheim S12 + S13, S13 + S14, S14 + S15, S15 + S16. This owner stuck around for 7 seasons.
Houston S15 + S16. This owner played for 5 seasons with an original franchise, then came back for 9 more before leaving after S16.
San Francisco S16 + S17. This owner has been in the world since its beginning.
Are other owners so disgusted by these 20 occurrences (1+ per season) that they are leaving the world out of frustration? We need an average of just over 6 new owners per season. This 80% retention rate feels like a pretty respectable number when one looks at the franchise center and sees the number of openings in all of the worlds that are available right now.
Or are these franchises so destroyed that they cycle through owners at an alarming rate? Other than Burlington in S3 and S4, every owner that hasn’t met 120 wins in two seasons has invested at least 5 seasons worth of time and money into this world.
Maybe a minimum win rule would have altered the history for 1 or 2 of the franchises mentioned above, but I'm skeptical that it would have made Feller a more fulfilling experience for all of us.

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