Monday, October 22, 2007

Minnesota Season Review

Been a busy month. here is how the loons fared in season 2.

The season is almost over and I sit in second place in the division, unfortunately 24.5 games out of 1st. The ML squad won't make the playoffs (67-77), but I hope the minors are a showing of things to come. All 5 levels have made their post-season (4 Division champs and 1 Wild card).

An update of the Pitching;

Doc Gentry was traded to Portland for prospects. This should be a move for the better, but Doc has gone wild for the Firs and is now a Cy Young canidate.

Howard Lidle .283 / 1.39 / 4.63 / 7-10
Darrell Robertson .263 / 1.74 / 5.10 / 9-8
Billy Ray Sanders .288 / 1.50 / 4.83 / 2-9
Douglas Ducey .283 / 1.59 / 6.32 / 7-10
Pablo Manazillo .259 / 1.41 / 3.43 / 8-5

This group will go through some changes next year, but there is a good core of players to build from.

The bullpen has been better this year (.269 / 1.55 / 5.37 / 27-29) and I think I am starting to understand how to manage it.

Finished the season 73-89, three games worse than last season, but I can see the rebuild process taking shape. Next seasons' lineup should be the best one yet.
At catcher, newly aquired Billy rivers will work with Brett Benoit platooning season 3
Pascal Guillen (.368-8-29 in 40 games) will take the 1B job.
Yannick Gryboski (.290-4-25) and Thomas Cannon (.257-35-105) will compete for 2B. Thomas was moved from 3B to make room for Tony Soto (.296-25-99 AAA) who appears ready to roll at the ML level
At SS, Phil Gibbons (.250-25-83) will again be patroling the left side. His bat is nothing special, but his fielding (.991) is second league wide.
There will be a change in LF this year. Nick Jordan(.268-0-34 35/43 SB) is being replaced with Robert McGee(323-28-130 12/20 SB @ AAA).
ROY canidate Vic Cummings (.294-20-87 29/33 SB) had a nice 1st season. We are looking forward to bigger things from the stud CF.
Pablo Guzman(.268-16-73) struggled his first season in RF. Fielding was good, but the batting could have used some improvement.
The team is gradually weeding out overpriced old talent for newer improved versions. Hopefully the Power Loons will be more competitive in season 3.

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