Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Minnesota In Season Update

At 22-13, this team has surpassed expectations, so far. Pitching has been above average and we are getting major contributions from some who were not expected to be on the team. I’m trying not to get too hyped because it is a long season. Here are some team stats to be proud of;

Team BA is better than last year at .275 and HR’s are up (48). Runs per game is over 6 and that is a direct reflection to my record (22-13). Fielding % is tied for 1st in the world at .988. this has been the staple of my team for the 1st season plus. With the team ERA at 4.16, I am in most of the games this year (7-3 in 1 run games). The pitching staff is in the top 5 of the following catagories;

WhiP – 1.35

HR allowed – 37

OBA - .254

Here is a look at how my boys are doing;


Starting Pitching

Howard Lidle

Last Season OAV-.233 / Whip-1.29 / ERA-3.43 / 12-6 (33 Starts)

This season OVA-.266 / Whip-1.14 / ERA-3.86 / 3-2 (7 starts)

Although the record doesn’t show it, we have been in each and every game he pitches.

Doc Gentry

Last season OAV-.260 / Whip-1.34 / ERA-4.03 / 9-10 (30 Starts)

This season OVA-.224 / Whip-1.13 / ERA-2.64 / 3-1 (7 starts)

Doc has not been the power pitcher he was last year, but he is steady and sure each outing.

Darrell Robertson

Last season OAV-.238 / Whip-1.52 / ERA-4.21 / 13-4 (29starts in MILB)

This season OVA-.213 / Whip-1.37 / ERA-3.56 / 5-2 (7 starts)

Darrell has been a great surprise this season. At 23 and playing mostly at HiA last year he has really come though. Only worry is the team leading 30 BB in 43 Inn.

Billy Ray Sanders

Last season OVA-.287 / Whip-1.35 / ERA-5.50 / 2-3 (15 starts)

This season OVA-.280 / Whip-1.32 / ERA-2.63 / 0-0 (2 starts)

Billy has come into the starting role as of late to see if he can’t improve on Torey Alcantaras’ rough start (.281-1.59-4.97). So far the reviews are mixed.

Douglas Ducey

Last season OVA-.305 / Whip-1.61 / ERA-7.82 / 1-3 (6 starts)

This season OVA-.319 / Whip-1.84 / ERA-8.63 / 3-4 (7starts)

Doug has got to pick himself up. 5 of his 7 starts have gone over 6 innings, but even though he leads the team with 31 K’s, his .319 OVA is killing him.

Relief Pitching

What can I say but WOW!. This group has greatly improved from the last season. Hopefully this can continue. At 5-2 and 11-15 in save opps, this has been a great improvement. 1.22 Whip and 3.38 ERA is far better than last season.

Position Players


Turner and Benoit are driving me crazy. Last year you could count on them to hold up their end of the batting (around .277). This year their combined .228 avg is brutal.

1st Base

Victor Lira and his .272 BA and team leading 12 HR’s are a pleasant surprise. Thank god I didn’t have to depend on rookies here. Lira has been a good FA pickup for the price ($875K)

2nd Base

Gryboski was hurt to start the year and hasn’t come back well yet. Wiggington has filled in nicely and hitting .318 in the 2 hole has been pleasant. Both of these players are in the last year of their contract and if this keeps up, will not be back.

3rd Base

Cannon is hitting less than last season (.256-10-33) for average, but the power numbers have improved.


Gibbons(.259-4-20) has picked up right where he left off last year. Great defense, average hitting. I guess I’ll take it.


Jordan(.282-0-9) has again held his own leading off. Second on the team in SB’s with 9, he has given the team a good start to each game. Would like to see that BA come up, but he is what he is.


Cummings hase been everything I expected. (.362-7-26) and a team leading 11 steals has been quite impressive. I have been hitting him 4th, but I think I need to move him to 3rd to maximize his Avg/Pwr/Spd combination.


Guzman(.287-4-28) has fullfilled my needs in right. His bat and range have filled a hole that was really a ? leading into the season.

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