Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Observations from the Nest

WEEK 1 Observations from the nest.

7-0. That was the record to start the season. Too bad we have 155 left to play. It's very early, but feels good to have a good start.

Starting pitching has been solid. In 7 starts, the starters have gone 47 innings with an ERA of 2.49 per.

Middle relief has been quite surprising pitching 14 IP @ 1.93 ERA. Closer Benji Sosa earned the job with his ST performance, has had 2 appearances allowing 0 runs with 2 saves.

I'm waiting for the shoe to fall..............

The offense has been above average hitting .315-19-57 in the 7 games. Victor Lira has hit 4HR and Thomas Cannon leads with 5.

I've been happy with Cummings hitting clean-up. he only has 5 RBI's so we need to do a better job of getting on in front of him.

Up next is a 3 game series with the vaunted Rebels who are also 7-0 in week 1.

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