Monday, August 6, 2007

Rating Regression



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I'm interested in how the turnover occurs. I had a vet on the team who was listed as a SS when I took the team over. His range was about 66, so I moved him to 3b. He is near the end of his career, yet played the whole last year (a contract year) at overall rating of 75, and he was 36 years old. He had a great year and won a gold glove, putting up the following numbers:
19 107 56 94 0 1 .323 .388 .511 .899
Then, time caught up with the poor guy, and at age 37 he dropped to an overall 65. All year he was demanding a 3 year deal at 4 mil a year, now he will play for one at 2.4 mil.
Anyway, to end my incoherent rant, I felt that players were ranked rather highly for their ages. In my other league (Pioneer) it seems that most of the old guys lose it at age 33 or so, and no one maintains an overall rating in the high 70's. Was this an anomaly, or do you think players can maintain at that age?


job314 said...

job314: Every player has a random peak age. Your player (Woody Cannon) just happened to peak later, rather then then at the typical 33 you mentioned.

I don't think 33 is a "programmed" age for plyers to start sliding in their ratings. 33 might be the average age where players might make this downaward slide. But you should find that some players start to degenerate at an earlier age, some at a later age.

In general pitchers tend to "peak" later then hitters and it is quite common to see their ratings still increase after the age of 27.

Good thing you didn't give him the 3 year deal... it's tough to find Julio Francos these days.

job314 said...

job314: sorry for hijacking your thread ebpyle... but the question was about about Feller clubs and players. is this sort of talk ok?

job314 said...

ebpyle: This is the Feller thread. This information is totally OK. The thread is for Reviews, previews, trash talk or anything regarding Feller. What I did above, I have seen in other threads like it and I get a kick out of reading them. Hopefully we will all use this.