Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Minnesota Season Preview

ST is over and let the new year begin..............

This spring was a little easier than last. I knew what was coming and was able to try new faces in new places in my pen.

I'm toying with using just 4 starters this year, but my gut tells me they won't hold up. So I am stuck looking for that 5th arm.

Lidle, Gentry, Ducey and Robertson have solidified their starting roles, although Robertsons 13 walks in 18 innings is cause for concern.

I think the team of Sosa and Wilkins will close games, but Sosa has definately had the better spring.

I'll have to see some real action to detirmine if the middle relief is as good as advertised.

Most position races finished where I expected, but they got there in Odd ways. Yanick Gryboski is injured and out for 3 weeks. Wiggington can and will fill in, but this is a large defensive loss.

Victor Lira has done well at 1st and has the job, but I hope the bat comes thru.

Cummings is a star in the making. His bat (.392-8-22 plus 6 SB) have done nicely in the cleanup spot. Can't wait to see his total year numbers.

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