Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where am I? How did I get here? Columbus Clippers edition

Hopefully, this will be the first in a series looking back at each franchise's drafts and international free agent signings. A few notes about this series. It's not meant to judge if a team used their draft picks or prospect money wisely. We have no way o knowing which players any team did, or did not, see. The ratings are based on ML production. It's not based on projection. So even though you have Bryce Harper in your minors, he'll have to produce in the majors to make this list. Your recent 20 million dollar international signing isn't on this list. Yu will have to look elsewhere.
First up, the Columbus Clippers.
Top 10 draft picks:
10. Todd Torrealba. Drafted S2, R1-#42. He put up nice offensive numbers in his brief big league career. Probably lacked the defense to stick as a full time catcher.
9. Alex Price. Drafted S4, R3-#109. Posted 11 wins as a reliever in season 13. His best seasons were seasons 14 & 16.
8. Andrea McClellan. S8, R1-#27. Had a nice season in Honolulu in season 18. At 29, he has a chance to move up this list.
7. Donovan Watson. S6, R2-#68. Had a tremendous season in Season 14 with a 2.99 ERA.
6. Red Rivera. S7, R1-#27. Has had a very nice career in Columbus as a key setup pitcher.
5. Jose Andujar. S2, R1-#21. All-star in Season 7. He played 162 games in 7 seasons.
4. Douglas Collins. S4, R2-#77. Over 200 career home runs. Made an All-star team in Season 18.
3. Clay Jacquez. S1, R1-#16. Highest draft pick Columbus has ever had. Has 391 career homers. In Season 12, he batted .342 with .986 OPS.
2. Jesse Penny. S1, R2-#66. Rookie of the Year in Season 7 with a 1.21 WHIP and 3.32 ERA.
1. Bryant Sedlacek. S4, R1-#28. 3 World Series rings, 2 time All-star, Cy Young Award winner. He's been a key starting pitcher for Columbus his entire career.
Top 10 International Free Agent Signings
10. Al Machado. S10-$1.9M. Lifetime WHIP of 1.20 in 266 innings.
9. Shigetoshi Chong. S2-$2.3M. He won a Gold Glove in Season 12.
8. Fernando Santana. S3-$9.0M. Won two World Series rings with Columbus.
7. Jose Romero. S4-$8.6M. I can't find anything interesting about this guy. Let's move on.
6. Tony Tanaka. S1-$12.5M. All-star in Season 8, although I think Season 9 was his best year.
5. Giomar Castro. S11-$10.3M. At only age 26, he already has an All-star appearance. He might not be able to move up this list, since we're now about to get to the superstar portion.
4. Jose Rios. S9-$21.0M. 6 time All-star, 4 Silver Sluggers, 3 World Series rings, and 1 MVP by the age of 28!! He already has over 400 homers, a career OPS over 1.000, and the second most career post season HRs and RBIs. His Season 14 performance is superhuman.
3. Magglio Trajano. S5-$15.6M. 7 time All-star, 5 Silver Sluggers, 3 World Series rings, all while playing most of his career in centerfield.
2. Matty Nunez. S4-$7.7M. 3 time All-star, 6 Silver Sluggers, 3 World Series rings, and 1 MVP make his closet pretty crowded. His career OBP of .425 is remarkable, and with that he currently has close to 400 homers.
1. Juan Aramboles. S7-$15.7M. 6 time All-star, 4 Cy Young Awards, and 3 World Series rings. We can pick a random number between 10 and 18, and this guy had a fantastic season in that year.

Next up: Seattle Suckerfish

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