Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where am I? How did I get here? Seattle Suckerfish edition

Next up in this series is a look back at the Seattle Suckerfish. Current ownership is in their fifth season right now, so all of these players were acquired under previous regimes. Hopefully mccleak's players will start to make moves on this list in the next few seasons.
Top 10 Draft Picks:
10. Alving Gonzalez. S6, R3-#73. A Gold Glove in Season 13 is the highlight of his career.
9. Shawn Osbourne. S9, R1-#49. 11-9 in Season 16 with a 3.53 ERA.
8. Juan De La Vega. S1, R1-#4. 7 seasons of over 190 innings pitched.
7. Ted Jacome. S7, R2-#43. Had a nice season as a reliever in S15 after a useful S13 as a starter.
6. Randy Parker. S10, R1-#7. 2 All-star appearances for this reliever.
5. Keith Myers. S4, R1-#21. Solid career for this 2B with some offensive punch in Season 10.
4. Butch Gibson. S8, R1-#2. Seasons 15 & 17 stand out with 1.20 WHIP and ERAs of around 3.00 with 200 IP.
3. Clay Young. S9, R1-#1. All-star seasons in S13 & S17.
2. Yamid Perez. S11, R1-#7. Currently only 26 years old, Perez already has 5 seasons with 200+ innings pitched. As he enters his prime surrounded by improving teammates, expect his numbers to look stronger.
1. Gerald Suzuki. S6, R1-#1. 5 All-star appearances, 4 Silver Sluggers, and a World Series ring for the former overall #1 pick. A lifetime OPS over .800 for the mostly 3B to go along with close to 2000 career hits.
Top 5 International Signings:
5. Gio Tabaka. S14-$18.0M. Now 25 years old, hopefully his offensive numbers continue to ramp up.
4. Geraldo Batista. S9-$2.3M. Hey, he played a few years in the majors.
3. Brian Cheung. S10-$4.6M. He slugged 48 HRs in Season 17.
2. Michel Moreno. S13-$19.8M. Another player with limited big league experience. Hoping to build on his good Season 18.
1. Max Arias. S13-$16.4M. Following the theme, Arias is only 24 years old and has put up solid numbers thus far.

Next up: Cleveland Cans of Corn

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